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We understand that at its core, social media is about people connecting with people. Intermark Group, an award-winning advertising agency with serious marketing and PR brain trust, powers FIREflurry. We build social media strategies on a foundation of years of experience with connecting businesses to consumers. We are anything but an overnight start-up company that relies on technology prowess alone.

At each level, a brand may mean something slightly different. FIREflurry provides the brand control and consistent messaging needed from the corporate level while allowing customization at the local level. FIREflurry’s extensive technology tools identify prospective, local customers and encourage them to engage with your business.

FIREflurry is based in Birmingham, Alabama, with satellite offices in Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles. Our team of social media and Internet professionals assists a variety of companies with needs ranging from online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, to website content and construction.

  • FIREflurry is a human solution that blends the best of both worlds—tried-and-true marketing and PR strategies backed by sophisticated technology.
  • FIREflurry is a dynamic social media solution that converts likes, tweets and chatter into bottom-line results.
  • FIREflurry is especially beneficial for multi-level corporations. When a corporate brand branches down to local levels, social media can be challenging.