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YouTube Video Libraries

YouTube offers businesses a channel to share relevant videos with consumers. These days consumers do their homework before making purchases so it falls on a business’s shoulders to provide the information that consumers need. If you provide dependable insight for consumers, you are fostering a relationship with them that will hopefully turn into sales when they transition from doing research to being an active buyer.

Types of videos that businesses should create can include user-generated and professionally edited, with content being the factor that will determine interest. In order for a video to be viewed and shared, you must make the content informative, enlightening or entertaining. Simply reposting your current TV ads will not generate views among consumers.

YouTube channels are easy to set-up and can easily be customized to share the same look/feel as your other sites. Once you’ve gotten started, it is important to consistently create videos and post them to your channel. We do not recommend posting six videos in one week or month and then going dark for the next five months. You want consumers to see you are adding content as it becomes relevant to them.

Important things to remember:

  • Use your DBA name to help customers find the channel easily.
  • Do not post commercials – people seldom watch them on TV and won’t on your channel.
  • The number of video views is important on YouTube, not number of subscriptions. You need customers to watch your video not necessarily subscribe to your channel.
  • Update frequently.

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