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Social Media Mistake #1 - Don’t Make Friends…Make Fans!

By now, most businesses know it is important to have an active presence on Facebook. A common mistake businesses make is creating a profile or “friend” page rather than a business page which generates “likes.” Currently, Facebook has three page options: a user profile (“friend” page), a Facebook page (business page) and a group (secret, closed, etc.). As a business or brand, you need a Facebook page.

By creating a page, you can interact with your customers more effectively and efficiently. This format is intended for business and has available insights into your page that are not available through a profile page. You’ll want these insights to determine if your efforts are successful over time and the only way to do that is to 1) start counting and documenting or 2) create a business page that does the counting for you.

Facebook users can “like” your page and become “fans.” By interacting with your fans through interactive forums and campaigns, you can deliver a clear message with consumers who have aligned themselves with your brand or product.

Facebook does have a few rules in this area. Only one account per e-mail address is allowed. As a business page, you cannot view user profiles as you could with a personal profile. You can only see what Facebook users post on your ads and pages. A business page cannot send requests to be “liked.” Pages can have more than one administrator, but each administrator must have their own account to access the “Page manager” application. By creating the right type of page for your business, you can use Facebook to interact with customers effectively.

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