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Who Should Manage Your Social Media Efforts

As company’s race toward expanding their social media presence, the question that is stopping them dead in their tracks is whether to hire someone to do it, go at it alone or outsource the job. The answer is not always clear. The options present very different strategies and ultimately must be decided on by what best suits your company’s needs.

Some believe it may be more beneficial to hire someone in-house.

  • Pros:
    • Through using your own employees they will have control over the messages being sent.
    • There will be strict dedication to their band instead of being one of many clients.

  • Cons:
    • It can be expensive to hire and train new employees.
    • Advanced technology that is essential to optimizing your social media presence is constantly changing and maintenance can become expensive.

Going it alone

  • Pros:
    • Complete dedication to your band and direct control over messages..

  • Cons:
    • With changes in formatting, coding and necessary software upgrades it can feel overwhelming to manage social media on your own.

Outsourcing your social media management

  • Cons:
    • This has made some companies nervous fearing their brand will not be given the attention it deserves being one of many clients.
    • The risk of impersonal, duplicated posting and lack of interaction with loyal customers has also been an issue with some of the generic social media management companies.

  • Pros:
    • The availability of social media experts and a team of analysts working specifically for your brand.
    • The use of advanced, sophisticated technology is constantly utilized to optimize client’s social media accounts.
    • The cost is dramatically less expensive than hiring and training your own employees that may not be trained specifically in social media. Companies have saved over $3,000 dollars per month through outsourcing.
    • We also make sure that your customers and followers are being actively engaged with constant page scanning and management.

Ultimately, only you can decide which route is best for your organization. But remember managing social media is not always a one-man job.

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