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What We Do

Community Building

Establish Your Social Media Presence

With FIREflurry, you’ll have a team of social media analysts, including a dedicated account representative, who will serve as your single point of contact. Your social media team will work with you to understand your business goals (both online and offline), monitor your brand, track results and, ultimately, grow your business.

To get started, we will establish your presence on the following major social media platforms and ensure that any of your existing properties meet best practices.

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A brand’s voice is a key element of its online messaging. We will speak to consumers across all of your social media platforms with a unique, consistent voice that echoes your branding ideals and supports your marketing and PR strategies.

Attract Fans and Followers

For every business there are raving fans — the customers who become regulars thanks to friendly service, exceptional value and simply because they like you. These fans are talking about you, and we can help you leverage their conversations to drive traffic to your store.

FIREflurry identifies people within your community who like your business and encourages them to join your social media networks. Customers who join also give you access to their network of friends. This digital word-of-mouth attracts fans and followers to your company.

With FIREflurry you can:

  • Add social media icons to your website
  • Create targeted email and direct mail campaigns to build your fan base and subscriber community
  • Post banner ads to drive fans to your social media pages