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Community Engagement

Keep Fans Coming Back for More

From sharing special insider deals to sending invitations to local store events and running quirky, interactive contests, more and more companies are engaging their fans and followers with creative, relevant content.

As a local business with connections to a corporate brand, you can offer valuable insight into your community’s needs. What sells best? How do customers respond to different deals? Why do your loyal customers keep coming back? Based on this information, your company’s social media marketing strategies will likely vary depending on location.

A car dealership in southern Georgia may sell similar vehicles as a dealership in upstate New York, but the way they speak and interact with their communities will differ significantly. Social media communities revolve around people connecting with people, so we zero in on what’s important to your communities and focus our efforts on providing value to motivate them to visit again and again.

Targeted Messaging — Traditional Marketing and PR Go Social

FIREflurry blends traditional elements of marketing and PR with social media to drive traffic to your local business. We engage target consumers with meaningful, relevant content and mix in direct-response marketing with social media strategies to foster lasting relationships that result in increased sales.

Each month your social media team will create a customized communication calendar consisting of localized content that is relevant to your specific market. We will post content several times a week to all of your social media pages and channels to build awareness and enhance consumer engagement.

Social Couponing

About half of consumers “like” or “follow” companies through social media to learn about special deals and discounts. Coupons remain a leading driver of brand interactions in social networks, but they can be one of the trickiest social media tactics to pull off. The discount offer must print or download easily and work as promised. And, the retail store or distribution channel must be prepared for a potential significant increase in demand.

With FIREflurry’s social couponing service, consumers can easily print and share deals with their social networks. Make your existing community feel special while gaining new fans and followers!