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Reputation Management

Prevent Backfire with Reputation Management

Word spreads fast. Especially when anonymity and a keyboard are involved. We have your social media presence covered, but how is your reputation holding up everywhere else on the Internet?

The results from a search of your business name can either drive or deteriorate sales. Remember Sue, the disgruntled customer? Yep, she’s still talking about the bad experience she had with a rude customer service rep at your company six months ago. And, she’ll keep it up unless you take the right steps to mitigate the issue.

Conversations happening on social media — be it blog comments, tweets or Facebook updates, spread like wildfire reaching every corner of the world, and one unhappy customer who goes on an online rant can lead to irreversible damage to an otherwise flawless reputation.

Extinguish Brand Backfire with FIREflurry

  • Create and monitor a list of reputation management keywords and/or phrases related to your business.
  • Create list of review sites to target.
  • Claim all relevant business listings for social media and review sites.
  • Establish Reputation Management reporting and response protocol based on business goals.

When a negative review is posted, we notify you immediately to ensure swift resolution. We monitor and provide strategic, on-demand responses to reviews, comments and posts on:

  • Review Sites
  • Forums
  • Websites
  • Articles
  • Blogs