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Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics — Let the Numbers Do the Talking

What are consumers saying about your company? Where are the conversations happening? And, how many leads did you get from posting that coupon on Facebook?

By providing detailed, intuitive analytics dashboards that report all activity, good and bad, FIREflurry arms you with actionable information that enables you to make social media business decisions based on real numbers, not a hunch.

Social Media Overview Dashboard

Enables you to monitor your company’s performance across all social media platforms.

Engagement Dashboard

  • Provides detailed information on the activity occurring on each of your social media pages.
  • Reports consumer demographics and interactions (likes, posts, comments, etc.).
  • Provides month-over-month growth analysis data to monitor social media performance over time.

Reputation Management Dashboard

  • Aggregates all consumer buzz about your company across the entire Internet to provide a tangible view of your social media performance.
  • Reports information on both the volume and sentiment of online buzz. Who is talking about you and what exactly are they saying? Are there negative or positive trends in conversations?
  • Creates easily shareable, actionable information that provides insight into your target market’s behavior, enabling a true understanding of what social media means to your bottom line.