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What We Do

Social Media Monitoring

FIREflurry monitors the “word on the street” about your company and provides actionable analytics to gain insight into your target market’s behavior.

Everyone has a nosy neighbor who knows what everyone is saying and doing all of the time. Well, we’re the (less annoying) digital version. When it comes to online chatter about your company, we’re all eyes and ears.

We monitor your social media presence, listening and responding directly to consumers and engaging them in relevant conversations daily. Your community will never get automated, impersonal responses from us. Nor will we let a college intern reply off-the-cuff to sensitive brand-related conversations. A real, knowledgeable human will provide the voice behind your brand because social media is about more than technology — it’s about people connecting with people.

We listen to what is being said and strategically respond to ensure you foster the meaningful, human-to-human connections necessary to gain new business. We also ensure your social media presence reflects the best possible image of your company, by monitoring for SPAM and inappropriate language or content and responding to critical brand issues immediately.