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Why FIREflurry?

Social Media Consulting

In addition to our packaged services additional tools and social marketing strategies are available from your social media team to help you reach your sales goals.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Are you wondering if it makes sense to advertise on your favorite social network? Facebook and Twitter have demographic profiles and use cases that may provide good advertising opportunities. Both platforms are developing new and innovative ways to target advertising messages, based on the overwhelming amount of data they possess about their users.

Location-Based Services

We can set up and manage custom Foursquare™ and Gowalla™ LO-SO mobile promotions including check-in specials, frequency specials and more. All are designed to increase foot traffic into your business.

Group Buying Services

Who doesn’t want to share a deal that is too good to be true with friends! Group buying service deals spread like wildfire through social networks and via a huge range of sharing and subscription options, increasing a company’s exposure and reach exponentially.